Sutter One Stop


Take a look below to read how the Sutter County One Stop has helped individuals reach their goals in their own words!


Albert Cardenas

"My name is Albert C., and I would like to thank Sandi Hill @ Sutter County One Stop for all of her help in getting my career back on track.  She helped me get the update training I needed to get back in to the line of work that I love.  I now have the job that I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m making more money than ever!  It’s a dream come true.  Thank you very much Sandi for everything."
- Sincerely, Albert Cardenas


David Metcalf

"Thank you, Sandi very much for all the help.  You were never too busy to help.  From resumes to applications, or just of knowledge of who is hiring. 

For those who are trying to get life back together again, with a little bit of persistence, patience and help from people, Sandi at the One Stop, you can do it.  Oh, let’s not forget God.  Just got my first check for two days, 12-hour days, take home $800.00.  Love it!!"
- David Metcalf


Patricia Larricq

"If you haven’t finished your High School Diploma or GED, the Sutter County Adult Education Program is the place to start! Found out that without my High School Diploma getting your dream job would be close to impossible.  “Your Future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.” All staff members are ready to go the extra mile to help and guide you in the right direction. Special thanks to: Carolyn Lathrop, Neda Anasseri, Susan Odegard and Kathy Reynolds who have helped in making it possible for me to get my dream job."
- Patricia Larricq