Sutter One Stop

One Stop Workshops

If you are new to the Sutter County One Stop and aren’t sure what we have to offer, we suggest checking out our workshops. Our workshops are designed to help job seekers be successful.  The staff at the Sutter County One Stop has revamped our workshops to meet the needs of the all job seekers novice and mature whether they are on a career path, looking for an industry or simply seeking help on where to begin. 

Interview and Employment Essentials
Join us as we break down the key components of job searching in 2015. Offered weekly with five days of relevant curriculum that will assist you with:

  • Presentation skills and self-branding
  • Tips to implement a positive “can do” attitude in the work place
  • Completing a master application to have handy while applying for work and having your employment  information at your fingertips
  • Interview preparation and researching the company
  • Appreciating the value of your previous experiences
  • Taking a skills assessment to validate your level of proficiency/expertise
  • Perform a mock interview with job counselors to explain and develop thorough interview answers that enhance your experience and qualifications
  •  Articulate to an employer your ambition to be a great employee through lifelong learning and embracing the opportunity for growth


Career Exploration
Looking for a new career and are unsure what sort industries or occupations would be a good fit for you? Career Exploration is a two part assessment that is delivered weekly to identify your interests, values and abilities and match you with industries and careers that will highlight your talents. Together we will review and interpret your results and help lead you to employment you enjoy.

Profession Connection
An exclusive group of professionals networking with job counselors, employment specialist and fellow job seekers are guided through job searching and support each other to stay on track and remain hopeful as you apply and interview. Learn how to overcome employment obstacles or long term unemployment while refreshing your skills and staying connected to the working world to ease the transition back into employment. Utilize the time to ensure our Business Services Team knows your skillset and are job searching alongside of you.

Finishing touches to your resume
The days of blanketing your resume all over town to every open position are long gone! Employers expect that job seekers are customizing their resume each and every time you apply. Allow our staff to help you customize your resume to the job description, highlight your greatest assets and quantify your duties to show the real value you offer. Learn how to improve your chances of getting past the online screening tools and getting your resume in the hands of the hiring managers.

Tailor Made Cover Letters
If you aren’t using a cover letter each time you apply, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Come learn how to target your cover letter to the position you are applying for and share with those reviewing your application why you are qualified for that position and how your experience makes you the best candidate.

Polishing Your Interview Skills
Weekly, we offer an industry specific mock interview to those job seekers who are looking to move from candidate to employee. Interviewing can be nerve racking but with practice and suggestions from our experienced job counselors we can help reduce the insecurities and polish your responses. 

Job Searching in Cal JOBs
Tired of scrolling through lists of jobs that are not in your career field or too far away? Let CalJOBS do the job searching for you! Come learn how to set up the Virtual Recruiter than notifies you when your skills and experience are a match for a position. Review your job skills in your CalJOBS profile and make sure when employers and recruiters log into CalJOBS, with an ideal candidate in mind, that your resume is a match!

Job Search Techniques
Open to those ages 16-24, seeking help with getting their first job. Patient and knowledgeable staff will guide you through properly completing an application, begin developing work place ethics, discuss appropriate interview dress and put all these skills into action with a mock interview to get some practice. The workshop is offered in the afternoons to allow those still in school to attend.