Handyman Apprentice

Full Time (30 Hours or More)
Date received:
Fri, Feb 7th
Date closed:
Sat, Mar 7th

Job Description

 Job Description
 Brandon Brown Handyman Services is in need of an Handyman Apprentice.
 Clean facilities by sweeping, dusting etc. Drive company vehicle to work sites Perform maintenance and light repairs Perform routine landscaping on the grounds Paint and fill gaps or crevices (on walls, sidewalks etc.)Undertake light installation or carpentering ) Repair equipment, Assist with electrical, plumbing or HVAC repairs. Undertake duties as assigned or emergency tasks identify and report the need for major repairs

  • Full-time, permanent (M-F 7am-5:30pm) Occasional OT & Saturdays  
  • No experience necessary employer willing to train right candidate
  • Must have Valid DL and reliable transportation to the shop in Yuba City 
  • Must have current DMV printout within the last 30 days 
  • Able to pass pre-employment drug screen
  • Employer willing to work with a background depending on the offense
  • $12+ D.O.E
 If you meet the above requirements and are interested in applying, please contact Gina Marie Brown 530.315.3654. to schedule an interview.
 1.  install insulating materials
2.  install locks, hinges, or related finish hardware
3.  install or replace glass in windows, skylights, or other structural surfaces
4.  repair or replace locks, hinges, or related finish hardware
5.  build or repair structures in construction, repair, or manufacturing setting
6.  construct, erect, or repair wooden frameworks or structures
7.  cut, shape, fit, or join wood or other construction materials
8.  erect scaffold
9.  install shingles, tile, slate, asphalt, or related roofing materials
10.  read blueprints
11.  repair cracks, defects, or damage in installed building materials
12.  use building materials for routine building maintenance
13.  verify levelness or verticality, using level or plumb bob
14.  install doors, wood floors, window frames, trim, or stairs
15.  lay or install brick, block, stone, tile, or related masonry material
16.  paint walls or other structural surfaces
17.  prepare building surfaces for paint, finishes, wallpaper, or adhesives
18.  use basic carpentry techniques
19.  use hand or power woodworking tools
20.  climb ladders, scaffolding, or utility or telephone poles
21.  follow safe waste disposal procedures
22.  move or lift heavy objects
23.  plan or organize work
24.  read technical drawings
25.  understand technical operating, service or repair manuals
26.  use knowledge of metric system
27.  coordinate production maintenance activities
28.  read schematics
29.  test mechanical products or equipment
30.  adhere to safety procedures
31.  order or purchase supplies, materials, or equipment
32.  conduct tests to locate mechanical system malfunction
33.  observe or listen to machinery or equipment operation to detect malfunctions
34.  repair or replace malfunctioning or worn mechanical components
35.  understand service or repair manuals
36.  install electrical fixtures or components
37.  install electronic equipment, components, or systems
38.  install/connect electrical equipment to power circuit
39.  install/string electrical or electronic cable or wiring
40.  repair electronic components, equipment, or systems
41.  repair or replace electrical wiring, circuits, fixtures, or equipment
42.  solder electrical or electronic connections or components
43.  test electrical/electronic wiring, equipment, systems or fixtures
44.  control HVAC equipment
45.  use knowledge of ventilation systems
46.  assemble, dismantle, or reassemble equipment or machinery
47.  determine installation, service, or repair needed
48.  diagnose mechanical problems in machinery or equipment
49.  estimate time or cost for installation, repair, or construction projects
50.  inspect machinery or equipment to determine adjustments or repairs needed
51.  install or replace meters, regulators, or related measuring or control devices
52.  maintain or repair industrial or related equipment/machinery
53.  maintain or repair work tools or equipment
54.  maintain repair records
55.  repair or adjust measuring or control devices
56.  repair or replace gas, steam, sewer, or water piping or fixtures
57.  replace electronic components
58.  use machine tools in installation, maintenance, or repair
59.  use measuring devices in repairing industrial or heavy equipment
60.  use precision measuring devices in mechanical repair work
61.  use precision tools in electronics repair
62.  install equipment or attachments on machinery or related structures
63.  install industrial machinery or related heavy equipment
64.  maintain specialized manufacturing or commercial equipment or machinery
65.  use control or regulating devices to adjust or maintain industrial machinery
66.  fabricate, assemble, or disassemble manufactured products by hand
67.  measure and mark reference points or cutting lines on workpieces
68.  fabricate sheet metal parts or items
69.  identify properties of metals for repair or fabrication activities
70.  assemble and install pipe sections, fittings, or plumbing fixtures
71.  bend tubing or conduit
72.  cut, bend, or thread pipe for gas, air, hydraulic, or water lines
73.  pressure test piping system or equipment for leaks
74.  use basic plumbing techniques
75.  use pipe fitting equipment
76.  use pressure gauges
77.  use tube bending equipment
78.  adjust or set mechanical controls or components
79.  align or adjust clearances of mechanical components or parts
80.  apply cleaning solvents
81.  lubricate machinery, equipment, or parts
82.  operate crane in construction, manufacturing or repair setting
83.  operate hoist, winch, or hydraulic boom
84.  perform safety inspections in industrial, manufacturing or repair setting
85.  position, align, or level machines, equipment, or structures
86.  read specifications
87.  read work order, instructions, formulas, or processing charts
88.  set up and operate variety of machine tools
89.  use electrical or electronic test devices or equipment
90.  use hand or power tools
91.  use voltmeter, ammeter, or ohmmeter
92.  use high voltage apparatus
93.  burn (cut), trim, or scarf metal objects
94.  maintain welding machines or equipment
95.  use acetylene welding/cutting torch
96.  use arc welding equipment
97.  use combination welding procedures
98.  use knowledge of welding filler rod types
99.  use soldering equipment
100.  weld together metal parts, components, or structures
101.  requisition stock, materials, supplies or equipment

Job Application Methods Accepted

  • Provide a CalJOBS Resumé Online (recommended)