HR and Payroll Assistant

Full Time (30 Hours or More)
Date received:
Mon, Jan 27th
Date closed:
Thu, Feb 27th

Job Description

 Job Description
 Emerald Oaks Assisted Living facility in Yuba City is looking to hire an experienced Full-Time Payroll and Human Resources Clerk to join their office. 
  • Keep and maintain employee files up to date and current with licenses or certs
  • File and process all new hire paperwork/on-boarding
  • General clerical duties
  • Data  entry 
  • Payroll
  • 1.  ensure compliance with government regulations
    2.  consult with managerial or supervisory personnel
    3.  use counseling techniques
    4.  use psychological assessment tools
    5.  conduct research on work-related topics
    6.  investigate character of applicants
    7.  refer clients to community services or resources
    8.  conduct training for personnel
    9.  compile information through interviews
    10.  analyze financial data
    11.  fill out business or government forms
    12.  maintain records, reports, or files
    13.  obtain information from individuals
    14.  provide customer service
    15.  use computers to enter, access or retrieve data
    16.  use interviewing procedures
    17.  use public speaking techniques
    18.  use knowledge of investigation techniques
    19.  assess staff or applicant skill levels
    20.  establish recruiting procedures
    21.  evaluate information from employment interviews
    22.  evaluate qualifications or eligibility of applicant for employment
    23.  hire, discharge, transfer, or promote workers
    24.  implement recruiting procedures
    25.  interview job applicants
    26.  rate ability of applicant
    27.  recruit employees
    28.  refer applicant to other hiring personnel
    29.  seek out applicants to fill job openings
    30.  select applicants meeting qualifications
    31.  use information from previous employers to determine applicant acceptability
    32.  evaluate applicant qualifications for licensure
    33.  maintain file of job openings
    34.  maintain job descriptions
    35.  prepare or maintain employee records
    36.  publicize job openings
    37.  understand government labor or employment regulations
    38.  evaluate reliability of source information
    39.  coordinate staff or activities in clerical support setting
    40.  advise department managers in personnel matters
    41.  explain rules, policies or regulations
    42.  recommend improvements to work methods or procedures
    43.  supervise clerical or administrative personnel
    44.  maintain cooperative relationships with clients
    45.  provide information about facilities

Job Application Methods Accepted

  • By Mail (2290 FORREST LN , YUBA CITY, CA 95993)