Logistics Dispatcher

Full Time (30 Hours or More)
Date received:
Thu, Jan 23rd
Date closed:
Sat, Feb 22nd
Job Description
 Job Description
 Truck Dispatcher Duties & Responsibilities
  • Keep records, monitoring drivers' daily logs for errors or violations and monitoring their working hours and equipment availability.
  • Keep tabs on the weather at all drivers' locations to be able to flag potential issues, typically with the aid of numerous computer programs.
  • Serve as a reliable point of contact to balance drivers' health and safety with customer requirements.
  • Coordinate and manage the most efficient loads to remain cost-effective as a company, combining shipments based on their routes and timeline to minimize how many trucks and drivers are out.
  • Determine the best delivery methods and negotiate rates directly with vendors and customers, and get the necessary documents and permits that drivers will need.
  • MUST have 1 year experience in the trucking industry
  • Bilingual in Punjabi/Spanish preferred but not required
  • Wage: DOE

1.  determine work priority, crew or equipment requirements
2.  compile numerical or statistical data
3.  schedule activities, classes, or events
4.  prepare reports
5.  communicate technical information
6.  evaluate importance of incoming telephone calls
7.  fill out business or government forms
8.  maintain records, reports, or files
9.  make decisions
10.  take messages
11.  use computers to enter, access or retrieve data
12.  use two-way radio or mobile phone
13.  direct human or vehicle traffic
14.  relay information to proper officials
15.  use telephone communication techniques
16.  maintain telephone logs
17.  assign work to staff or employees
18.  schedule employee work hours
19.  manage inventories or supplies
20.  determine specifications
21.  schedule facility or property maintenance
22.  order or purchase supplies, materials, or equipment
23.  identify best itinerary based on knowledge of routes
24.  coordinate equipment or personnel in mechanical repair setting
25.  read work order, instructions, formulas, or processing charts
26.  direct and coordinate highway transportation activities
27.  explain traffic or transportation situations concisely
28.  monitor public transportation system operation
29.  expedite freight movement
30.  oversee activities related to dispatching, routing, or tracking transportation vehicles
31.  provide customer service in surface transportation
32.  read maps
33.  schedule air or surface pickup, delivery, or distribution of product
34.  use local or regional geographical knowledge to transportation

Job Application Methods Accepted
  • Via Email (harcher [at] sutter [dot] k12 [dot] ca [dot] us)