Office Clerk

Full Time (30 Hours or More)
Date received:
Thu, Jan 23rd
Date closed:
Sun, Feb 23rd

Job Description

 Job Description

1) Collect, count, and disburse money, do basic bookkeeping and complete banking transactions.
2) Communicate with customers, employees, and other individuals to answer questions, disseminate or explain information, take orders and address complaints.
3) Answer telephones, direct calls and take messages.
4) Compile, copy, sort, and file records of office activities, business transactions, and other activities.
5) Complete and mail bills, contracts, policies, invoices, or checks.
6) Operate office machines, such as photocopiers and scanners, facsimile machines, voice mail systems and personal computers.
7) Compute, record, and proofread data and other information, such as records or reports.
8) Maintain and update filing, inventory, mailing, and database systems, either manually or using a computer.
9) Open, sort and route incoming mail, answer correspondence, and prepare outgoing mail.
10) Review files, records, and other documents to obtain information to respond to requests.
11) Inventory and order materials, supplies, and services.
12) Process and prepare documents, such as business or government forms and expense reports.

Full-time M-F
Wage: $14+ DOE
1 year prior clerical/bookkeeping expereience
Bilingual preferred but not required

1.  use relational database software
2.  classify information according to content or purpose
3.  index information resources
4.  use library or online Internet research techniques
5.  ensure correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling
6.  proofread printed or written material
7.  transcribe spoken or written information
8.  disburse checks to satisfy accounts payable
9.  maintain account records
10.  operate business machines
11.  operate calculating devices
12.  prepare bank deposits
13.  prepare tax reports
14.  process account invoices
15.  process invoices
16.  process payroll documents, records, or checks
17.  use accounting or bookkeeping software
18.  use spreadsheet software
19.  compile data for financial reports
20.  compute financial data
21.  answer customer or public inquiries
22.  calculate monetary exchange
23.  distribute correspondence or mail
24.  enter time sheet information
25.  fill out business or government forms
26.  greet customers, guests, visitors, or passengers
27.  maintain records, reports, or files
28.  obtain information from individuals
29.  provide customer service
30.  schedule meetings or appointments
31.  take messages
32.  type letters or correspondence
33.  understand technical operating, service or repair manuals
34.  use computers to enter, access or retrieve data
35.  use oral or written communication techniques
36.  complete patient insurance forms
37.  fill out insurance forms
38.  process medical records
39.  maintain job descriptions
40.  maintain legal forms
41.  organize legal information or records
42.  prepare or maintain employee records
43.  answer calls using switchboard
44.  arrange teleconference calls
45.  carry messages or packages
46.  collate printed materials
47.  communicate with customers or employees to disseminate information
48.  examine documents for completeness, accuracy, or conformance to standards
49.  operate duplicating equipment
50.  route multi-line telephone calls
51.  take dictation
52.  use telephone communication techniques
53.  use word processing or desktop publishing software
54.  write business correspondence
55.  assist with business or managerial research
56.  prepare meeting agenda
57.  compile itinerary of planned meetings or activities
58.  date stamp messages, mail, or other information
59.  maintain appointment calendar
60.  maintain inventory of office equipment or furniture
61.  maintain inventory of office forms
62.  maintain record of organization expenses
63.  maintain telephone logs
64.  maintain travel expense accounts
65.  perform office equipment maintenance not requiring service call
66.  prepare travel vouchers
67.  select software for clerical activities
68.  type document from machine transcription
69.  direct and coordinate activities of workers or staff
70.  schedule employee work hours
71.  fill out purchase requisitions
72.  manage inventories or supplies
73.  sort books, publications, or other items
74.  sort mail letters or packages
75.  resolve customer or public complaints
76.  receive or disburse cash related to payments received
77.  sell products or services
78.  develop travel itinerary
79.  measure, weigh, or count products or materials

Job Application Methods Accepted

  • Via Email (harcher [at] sutter [dot] k12 [dot] ca [dot] us)