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Sutter One Stop

Take Advantage of the Services Offered by the Sutter County One stop’s Our Youth Program!

Youth can access a variety of services and resources at the Sutter County One Stop. Are you ready to begin the world of work? We can teach you how to look for a job, how to find a job and how to keep a job. Services may be provided one-on-one or in a workshop setting to prepare youth to enter the workforce. Services include job search strategies, application preparation, resume development, interview skills, resume preparation, tips on how to dress and employer expectations. If you are eligible for our program, we may even be able to provide you a paid work experience placement!

Sutter County One Stop utilizes many assessment tools to help youth identify interest and abilities that are then used to explore their career options. Staff can also assist with career planning and college exploration that support your career goals.

How do you get started? Stop by the Sutter County One Stop today and ask for an application. You must be a resident of Sutter County and between the ages of 16-24 years old. Questions? Call (530) 822-5120 for more information.